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Is Sheesham Wood the right choice for your Furniture?


Have you ever wondered what Sheesham wood is? Sheesham wood is obtained from a tree which is known by various names, like Indian rosewood tree, Dalbergia Sissoo tree, Penny leaf tree, and so on. Sheesham wood is essentially known as North Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo.

Its popularity can be traced to the fact that it grows  in the sub-Himalayan region and that no two pieces ever look alike. Indian Furniture industry is known for Sheesham and teak furniture . It is reputed for its durability and  is a preferred choice for anyone looking for a long term investment in furniture. In fact, Sheesham wood beds are said to last longer than any other type of wood.

Characteristics of Sheesham Wood

An important aspect about Sheesham is that it is  hardwood. Hardwood  trees grow in tropical forests. They are massive in size and grow slowly. They are preferred due to their strength and durability. In addition , they are fire resistant and do not break easily. As Sheesham wood is Hardwood, the reason for its growing influence is apparent.

Know how it looks

The colour may vary from golden to deep reddish-brown.Natural wood markings  and inter locked grains appear as  dark streaks on Sheesham wood. Sheesham is grows in the regions of India which are  fertile with unique mineral soil, resulting in grain pattern structures that are a characteristic feature of the natural beauty of the wood


The master craftsmen prefer Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood as it gels well with any kind of artistic  work and machinery. These rosewood hardwood designs are often sleek with straight-cut designs that complement any room décor. Sheesham furniture seamlessly integrates with your room décor style. Interior designers often recommend opting for Sheesham wooden furniture because of this unique ability.In traditional and contemporary designs, carving has become the trendsetter now and as such Sheesham again tops the list of woods because it is highly pliable and carving friendly.


Sheesham hardwood from Indian rosewood trees is  tough, termite-resistant, slip- proof, highly fire and decay resistant. No wonder, this wonder wood has become the cynosure of the furniture industry in India


In addition to all the irresistible features, Sheesham wood is considered as one the best woods for furniture; not just for its above mentioned features , but also because it is light on the pocket as well when  compared to other types of wood like Teak.  If you compare  the price of a Sheesham wood bed and any other type of bed made from wood , you will no longer need to think twice before clicking buy!

At the same time, its maintenance friendly nature and the fact that it blends harmoniously with any type of décor, makes it all the more tempting.

Summing Up

Due to the  lustrous look of Sheesham wood furniture, high resistance to decay, fire and termites durability and pliability and a host of top notch qualities it has become the number one choice of furniture consumers in India. Once you experience the benefits of  Sheesham wood, considering other wood no longer remains a choice. You can find an exclusive range of Sheesham wood furniture at Our  Modern Sheesham wood sofa sets are definitely one you can bet on.

These rosewood hardwood designs are often sleek with straight-cut designs that complement any room décor. Sheesham furniture seamlessly integrates with your room décor style.

It is high  time to  stop  over thinking about what  type of  wood to choose for your furniture, and invest in some top-quality Sheesham wood furniture. We, at Kalyanam furniture present to you the best in Sheesham wood Furniture in all its elegance and richness so that your investment becomes a cherished life time one.

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