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Beyond the Backyard: Unexpected Places to Put a Wooden Bench and Why You’ll Love It?


When we think of a wooden bench, the image that often comes to mind is a serene backyard setting, surrounded by lush greenery. However, the versatility of a wooden bench extends far beyond the confines of your backyard. In this blog post, we’ll explore some unexpected places to put a wooden bench and discover why adding this simple piece of furniture can transform both the space and your experience.

  • Front Porch Charm

Your front porch is the first impression visitors have of your home. Placing a Ruka Solid wooden bench here not only adds charm but also provides a welcoming spot to relax, watch the world go by, and engage in friendly conversations with neighbors.

  • Inviting Entryways

Upgrade your home’s entrance by incorporating a Arko Solid wooden bench. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, offering a practical seating solution while giving you a convenient spot to put on or take off your shoes.

  • Under the Window Elegance:

Transform the area beneath your windows into a cozy reading nook or a contemplative spot by adding a wooden bench. Enjoy natural light and a peaceful ambiance while immersing yourself in a good book.

  • Hallway Serenity

Often an underutilized space, hallways can be brought to life with the addition of a Anouk Solid wooden bench. It not only enhances the aesthetic but also serves as a convenient resting place while moving from room to room.

  • Garden Variety

Move beyond the conventional garden setting by placing a Live Edge bench amidst your flowers, herbs, or even in a secluded corner. This provides an ideal spot to admire your gardening efforts, offering a peaceful retreat to soak in nature.

  • Café-style Balconies

For those with a balcony, a wooden bench can create a charming café-like atmosphere. Sip your morning coffee or enjoy a sunset with the cityscape as your backdrop – all from the comfort of your own outdoor bench.

  • Kitchen Coziness

Introduce a cozy corner in your kitchen by incorporating a Merlin Solid wooden bench. It’s a practical addition for casual dining, creating a relaxed atmosphere for family meals or entertaining guests.

  • Workspace Tranquility

Elevate your home office or workspace by adding a wooden bench. This unconventional seating choice can break the monotony of traditional office chairs, fostering a more relaxed and creative environment.


Incorporating a wooden bench in unexpected places around your home goes beyond mere aesthetics – it enhances your lifestyle. Whether you’re creating cozy nooks, revamping your entryways, or bringing a touch of nature indoors, the versatility of a wooden bench knows no bounds. So, step outside the conventional and discover the joy of unexpected wooden bench placements in your living spaces.


Can I really place a wooden bench in my hallway? Won’t it make the space feel cramped?

 Absolutely! Placing a wooden bench in a hallway can actually make it feel more inviting and functional. Choose a slim design that complements your decor to avoid any sense of overcrowding.

 I don’t have a garden. Can I still enjoy the benefits of a wooden bench?

Certainly! If you lack an outdoor space, consider placing a wooden bench under a window, on a balcony, or even in a well-lit corner of your living room. It’s a versatile piece that adapts beautifully to various settings.

How can a wooden bench enhance my front porch?

Adding a wooden bench to your front porch brings an element of charm and relaxation. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and provides a comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors, fostering friendly interactions with neighbors.

I have a small kitchen. Can a wooden bench really fit in without sacrificing space?

Absolutely! A wooden bench can be a space-saving alternative to traditional chairs. Opt for a corner or built-in bench to maximize seating while maintaining an open and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

Will placing a wooden bench under a window obstruct natural light?

Not at all. Choose a bench with a low backrest or go for a backless design to ensure it doesn’t obstruct the flow of natural light. This way, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun while seated comfortably.

Can I use a wooden bench as part of my home office setup?

Yes, indeed! A wooden bench can be a stylish and unconventional seating choice for your home office. It brings a touch of comfort and creativity to your workspace, making it a unique and enjoyable place to work.

 Are wooden benches suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions?

While wooden benches are generally durable, it’s advisable to choose hardwoods like teak or cedar for outdoor use. Regular maintenance, such as sealing and covering during harsh weather, will help prolong their life and beauty.

 How can I make my balcony feel like a cozy café with a wooden bench?

Choose a small, bistro-style wooden bench and pair it with a table for an instant café vibe. Add some potted plants, string lights, and cushions for a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

Can I use a wooden bench as a window seat without professional installation?

Absolutely! Most wooden benches are designed for easy placement. Simply choose the right size, add some cushions for comfort, and position it beneath your window for an instant and charming window seat.

Are there any specific design considerations for incorporating a wooden bench in different spaces?

Consider the size and style of the bench to complement the specific space. For smaller areas, opt for slim and streamlined designs, while larger spaces can accommodate more substantial and decorative benches.

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